Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant Reaches Safety Milestone

Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant Reaches Safety Milestone

Metro Vancouver Forms New Flood Resiliency Task Force

Staff at the Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant and Rechlorination Stations have reached a safety milestone — two years without a lost time safety incident. This milestone is the result of ongoing improvements to workplace safety while continuing to supply high-quality drinking water to the region.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Enhanced safety practices include higher frequency of site safety inspections
  • Improved tracking and maintenance of personal protective equipment
  • Mandatory annual advanced training in confined space rescue for operational staff

The team also meets regularly to explore new ideas and equipment options that can reduce or eliminate hazards. One of the departmental purchases was a magnetic maintenance hole cover lifter, which significantly minimizes muscle strain, particularly on the back.

Metro Vancouver is proud of this milestone and will continue to find ways to ensure staff are safe while working at our facilities and project sites.