Welcome to the June issue of Metro Vancouver Update.

In this issue, you can read more about the 10th annual Caring for the Air 2021 report, which reveals that despite population growth, Metro Vancouver’s air quality has steadily improved over the past decade. Our improved air quality can be attributed to progressive regulations, proactive management plans, more stringent air quality objectives, and education and outreach programs.

Interestingly, behaviours associated with the COVID-19 pandemic also led to improved air quality in our region. For instance, the region’s air quality benefited from lower levels of transportation-related emissions because there were fewer vehicles on the road.

Also in this issue, learn how Metro Vancouver is working with the City of Delta to enhance green spaces through the development of a management plan that will include plans for public access, park amenities, habitat enhancement and nature education. On top of that, this issue also includes information on the new United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre in Coquitlam, which will serve residents throughout the region.

As the weather gets warmer, water conservation should remain top of mind for all residents in the region. Metro Vancouver delivers about one billion litres of treated drinking water each day to member jurisdictions, however water use can increase by 50% in the summer and early fall, largely due to lawn watering. Learn more about water-wise lawn care and other tips to use less water in this issue.

Thank you for reading the Metro Vancouver Update. Together we make our region strong.