Biosolids Beautify Mountain Highway Interchange

Biosolids Beautify Mountain Highway Interchange

The new Mountain Highway Interchange in North Vancouver is looking better than ever, thanks in part to Metro Vancouver biosolids.

Biosolids are a key ingredient in Nutrifor Landscaping Soil, a locally produced and highly fertile topsoil that was used to plant vegetation along the interchange. Nutrifor Landscaping Soil is a blend of high-quality wood chips, sand, and biosolids from the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Biosolids are produced from the solid material recovered during advanced wastewater treatment. Solids are treated by microorganisms and heat to destroy pathogens and reduce odours, producing an earthy material that is rich in the nutrients plants need to grow. Biosolids improve soil health and help soil retain water, reducing the need for irrigation.

For over 25 years, Metro Vancouver biosolids have been used around the province to revegetate mines, gravel pits, and closed landfills, as well as nourish depleted rangeland soils. Using Nutrifor Landscaping Soil locally in parks, greenspaces, and other restoration projects — like the Mountain Highway Interchange — helps Metro Vancouver manage biosolids.

Learn more about biosolids and Nutrifor Landscaping Soil.

Biosolids Beautify Mountain Highway Interchange - Before
Mountain Highway Interchange – before; photo credit – Jozef Povazan


Biosolids Beautify Mountain Highway Interchange - After
Mountain Highway Interchange – after; photo credit – Jozef Povazan