Air Quality Fees Bylaw Under Review

Air Quality Fees Bylaw Under Review

Air Quality Fees Bylaw Under Review

Metro Vancouver is reviewing its air quality fees bylaw to better address emissions related to air contaminants, including odour-related contaminants.

Odour-related complaints have more than doubled in recent years, adversely impacting communities and requiring additional Metro Vancouver resources. Most complaints (over 80%) are due to odours, but fees are not currently charged for the discharge of all odorous air contaminants.

As part of the review, Metro Vancouver is engaging with the public, First Nations, permitted and regulated businesses, member jurisdictions, government agencies, and other interested parties to seek feedback on the proposed changes.

Results of a questionnaire on the issue showed that:

  • Most residents (80%) feel businesses that emit pollutants should pay either the full cost or most of the cost for the air quality program designed to reduce pollution from industry.
  • The vast majority (92%) of residents support fees that are tied to the volume and harmfulness of emissions.

Informational webinars and other updates are planned for early 2021; you can find out more about the proposed changes here and provide feedback until April 30.

Learn more about Metro Vancouver’s air quality regulatory program here.