2020 Zero Waste Conference Recap

2020 Zero Waste Conference Recap

2020 Zero Waste Conference Recap

The  2020 Zero Waste Conference was broadcast live from the Annacis Research Centre on Friday, November 13.

Hosted by Metro Vancouver and the National Zero Waste Council, this was the tenth anniversary of the conference. Just under 500 people registered for the conference, which, like most events in 2020, was delivered virtually with a combination of in-person moderators with zoomed-in speakers.

Speakers wove together their knowledge and experiences with curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurship, experience and science into a compelling argument for moving to a carbon-free, circular Canada.

In a circular economy, manufacturers consciously design their products so that they don’t create waste or pollution, so that the products and materials used to create them become part of a continual cycle of use and reuse, and that they can be part of regenerating natural systems.

Over the past decade, the conference has brought together thought leaders, change-makers, and practitioners in waste prevention and the circular economy to share ideas, experiences and best practices. The 2020 conference aimed to bring the past into the present, and focused on a future characterized by resiliency, prosperity and carbon neutrality through circular economy solutions.

Video recordings of the keynote speakers and the panel sessions are now available at 2020 Zero Waste Conference.

Next year’s conference will take place October 27 and 28, 2021.