2020 Zero Waste Conference

2020 Zero Waste Conference

Registration is now open for the 2020 Zero Waste Conference, which will take place on November 13 in Vancouver.

Now in its tenth year, the conference gathers innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to explore how we can prevent waste and accelerate Canada’s transition to a circular economy at this unique moment in time. This year’s conference will be largely virtual, with a small in-person audience.

In a circular economy, manufacturers consciously design their products so that they don’t create waste or pollution, so that the products and materials used to create them become part of a continual cycle of use and reuse, and can be part of regenerating natural systems.

To explore this year’s theme of ‘Resiliency, Prosperity, Carbon Neutrality — the Circular Economy,’ the   conference will feature sessions in key areas for innovation, including the built environment, ‘next generation’ materials, solving the plastics challenge, and ‘building back better’.

Keynote speaker, Beau Lotto (Professor of Neuroscience, University of London and Founder and Director, Lab of Misfits) will open the conference and speak to the power of creativity and innovation to respond to a rapidly changing world.

The conference is organized by Metro Vancouver, in collaboration with the National Zero Waste Council.

Register for the conference here.