Recycling Council of BC Partnership Expands MetroVancouver Recycles

Recycling Council of BC Partnership Expands MetroVancouver Recycles

Partnership with Recycling Council of BC Expands MetroVancouver Recycles

Finding up-to-date recycling information just got easier, thanks to a recent upgrade to MetroVancouver Recycles, a website that provides location-specific recycling information for the region.

The improved website is now powered by the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) database, providing a single portal to access the region’s recycling information. The website features:

  • listings for thousands of recyclable materials;
  • over 4,000 recycling facility locations in Metro Vancouver that collect over 1,000 products and materials, from mattresses and computers to lamps, bifocals, and coffee cups; and
  • the ability to search by materials and city to find the closest drop-off locations for recycling.

Metro Vancouver is working with RCBC to support education and waste reduction initiatives, including harmonizing information on recycling and disposal options in the region. This ensures residents have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Metro Vancouver’s work with RCBC will also help other communities around the Province to access the information in the same manner.

Check out to find out where to recycle thousands of items.