Making the Case for Infrastructure Investment in B.C.’s Economic Recovery

Making the Case for Infrastructure Investment in B.C.’s Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery

As the B.C. Government considers its priorities for Budget 2021, Metro Vancouver is urging the Province to make strategic co-investment into core infrastructure an essential component of B.C.’s economic recovery strategy.

In its submission to the B.C. Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services (an all-party committee of the B.C. Legislative Assembly that helps shape the provincial budget), Metro Vancouver highlighted the many opportunities for partnerships and leadership that would support economic recovery and long-term prosperity.

The submission features a range of investment-worthy and shovel-ready projects that would create family-supporting jobs, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and meet the demands of a growing population.

The region’s economy sustains the largest and most diverse share of provincial employment and economic activity, and has been a driver of growth, innovation and new enterprise over the past decade. As governments at all levels respond to the unprecedented fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing performance of the Metro Vancouver region will be key.

Metro Vancouver is committed to continuing the strong partnership between this region and the Government of British Columbia to protect and enhance the region’s prosperity, environment and quality of life.