New express bottle return at North Shore Transfer Station

New express bottle return at North Shore Transfer Station

Recycling beverage containers is now faster and more convenient at Metro Vancouver’s North Shore Transfer Station, thanks to a new Return-It Express & GO program.

Under the new program, operated by Encorp, customers returning beverage containers create an online account and refunds from returned containers are deposited directly into their bank account or a charity of their choice.

Beverage containers are placed in a transparent bag with a special label linked to the customer’s account and dropped off in a designated bin in the transfer station’s recycling area. Containers are later sorted and a refund is automatically deposited to the customer’s account a few days later.

The new program provides additional locations to return beverage containers on the North Shore, where options are currently limited. The program opened in early April and collected almost 26,000 containers in its first three weeks of operation. Other Return-It Express & GO bins are available at various bottle depot locations across the region.

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