First Council of Councils for 2020

First Council of Councils for 2020

Metro Vancouver hosted its first Council of Councils for the year at the Anvil Centre in the City of New Westminster.

These meetings, which bring local government elected officials together to discuss important regional matters, highlighted some of the major initiatives ongoing at Metro Vancouver that are necessary to help Metro Vancouver remain a livable and prosperous region, especially in the face of challenges like population growth, aging infrastructure, rapid technological advancements and climate change.

A million more residents are expected to move to the region by 2050 – bringing the population to 3.6 million people – while Metro Vancouver will invest more than $6 billion in infrastructure upgrades, including $2 billion for drinking water and $3 billion for liquid waste.

Topics included:

  • Metro 2050 – an update to the Metro 2040 Regional Growth Strategy,
  • Metro Vancouver Housing’s 10-Year Plan
  • Regional Industrial Lands Strategy
  • Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Intergovernment Relations – Metro Vancouver Networking Event