Metro Vancouver unveils 10-year Housing Plan

Metro Vancouver unveils 10-year Housing Plan

Metro Vancouver Housing this month unveiled its 10-Year Housing Plan, which outlines plans to invest about $190 million in affordable housing over the next decade with the goal to provide 1,350 new and redeveloped units in the region.

The new 10-Year Plan provides a framework to guide how Metro Vancouver Housing will provide, preserve, and expand its portfolio of affordable rental housing across the region. It has four broad goals:

  • To provide affordable housing that supports healthy and engaged communities
  • Preserve and renew existing sites to maintain affordability, improve sustainability and accessibility
  • Grow strategically through redevelopment and expansion
  • Develop partnerships to expand affordable rental housing across the region

The plan emphasizes building positive relationships with member municipalities, other non-profit housing agencies, the development sector and provincial and federal governments, as well as innovative partnerships to leverage investments and support even more affordable housing across the region.

Metro Vancouver Housing is one of the largest non-profit housing providers in the province, currently housing over 9,400 people at 49 sites. Metro Vancouver supports diverse mixed-income communities, primarily for families, seniors and people with special housing needs. About 30% of the rental portfolio consists of rent-geared-to-income units (rents no more than 30% of tenants’ gross income) with the remainder at low-end-of-market (rents 10-20% below market).