“Wipe It, Green Bin It” campaign targets fats, oils and grease in sewers

“Wipe It, Green Bin It” campaign targets fats, oils and grease in sewers

Metro Vancouver’s “Wipe It, Green Bin It” campaign is back this Thanksgiving to remind residents that fats, oils and grease go in the green bin, not down the sink.

This year’s campaign has expanded to focus on a range of foods – in addition to grease – that cause problems for our sewer system. Many people are unaware that oils and fats, such as dairy, also contribute to sewer clogs.

The campaign will launch on September 30 with a focus on four municipalities – Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, and Township of Langley – who have identified grease “hotspot” areas particularly hard hit by high levels of FOG. Operations staff have been monitoring grease levels at pump stations in hot spot areas since fall 2018, to assess trends before and after the campaign.

In addition to blocking household plumbing, disposing of fats, oils and grease down the drain contributes to clogged sewers and overflows into homes, businesses and the environment. Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities spend $2.7 million every year to repair damage caused by fats, oils and grease in the sewer system.

Residents will see the campaign through social media, advertising and spatula giveaways in grocery stores, and transit shelter ads.

Find out more: wipeitgreenbinit.ca