When you order fresh fish for dinner, you don’t expect it to come with a side of microplastics.

But that’s increasingly happening around the world, as tiny bits of plastic from fleece clothing, carpets and personal care items infiltrate our oceans – and ultimately our food chain – are being ingested by fish and zooplankton. An excess of disposable plastics is compounding the problem, as more of them end up in our oceans.

The issue of oceans plastics and pollution will be raised at this year’s 2019 Zero Waste Conference: A Future Without Waste: Mobilizing for Success in the Circular Economy by Dr. Max Liboiron, who is studying how much plastic is entering the human food web, and keynote speaker National Geographic’s Valerie Craig. National Geographic has launched the Planet or Plastic? initiative, a multi-year global effort to raise awareness and inspire action, with the ultimate goal of ending plastic marine pollution.

The two will share the stage with other keynote speakers Harald Friedl, CEO, Circle Economy; Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of Terracycle and Loop; Arthur Huang, founder and CEO of Miniwiz and Skylar Tibbits, founder, Self-Assembly Lab at MIT.

They two-day conference pulls together thought leaders, change makers and innovators from Canada and around the globe, highlighting circular economy success stories, waste prevention innovations, and local and global perspectives as the shift to waste prevention and transition to a circular economy continues to gain momentum. Register now