Odour solutions: Highbury Interceptor Air Management Facility

Odour solutions: Highbury Interceptor Air Management Facility

Metro Vancouver is building an air management facility in Musqueam Park in South Vancouver.

The facility is designed to reduce odour and pipe corrosion along the Highbury Interceptor – the large sewer pipe that carries the majority of Vancouver’s wastewater south to the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant – between the Fraser River and West 18th Avenue.

Sewer gas will be drawn from the pipe and treated using carbon scrubber technology and the treated air will be dispersed through a vent stack. Once commissioned, the facility will treat 13,000 cubic feet of sewer gas per minute.

Metro Vancouver worked closely with the local community, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board and the Musqueam Indian Band to gather feedback on the location, design and landscaping of the facility. A public washroom has also been included to benefit park users.

The facility is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of 2019, and will be monitored regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. This is the first in a series of air management facilities being constructed in the City of Vancouver to address issues of odour and corrosion in the sewer system. The projects are part of Metro Vancouver’s commitment to protect public health and the environment.