Plans for Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant underway

Plans for Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant underway
Metro Vancouver is conducting eight workshops and engaging the public and First Nations as part of its work to design a new Iona Wastewater Treatment Plant.
A new plant is required to be built by 2030 to comply with regulations and standards adopted by the federal and provincial governments for secondary treatment for wastewater. The existing 55-year-old plant serves about 680,000 residents of Vancouver, parts of Burnaby and Richmond, University Endowment Lands, University of British Columbia, Musqueam Indian Band and Squamish Nation. The existing plant will continue operating until the new plant is complete.
Metro Vancouver is currently in the Project Definition Phase, which includes eight Integrated Design Process workshops involving Metro Vancouver and a consultant team. The latest workshop, held on April 10 and 11, focused on identifying wastewater treatment technologies and their integration into three potential concepts. These concepts will meet the project’s three main goals of secondary treatment, resource recovery, and community and park integration, as well as being adaptable to higher levels of treatment and climate change resiliency.
Community engagement is also taking place throughout this phase. A public workshop was held in January, with more scheduled for fall 2019 and spring 2020. Stakeholder-specific meetings are being held throughout this phase, along with staff and community meetings with Musqueam Indian Band.
Once the Project Definition Phase is completed in 2020, the key outcomes will include an indicative design, cost estimate, design and construction schedule and a recommended procurement method.