Metro Vancouver Update
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Welcome to the Metro Vancouver Spring Update.

Seeing the tulips and cherry blossoms begin to bloom reminds us that spring has returned — and that means more time spent outside and, of course, spring cleaning!

One thing was made very clear in the month of January — Metro Vancouver residents love the great outdoors. In January, 1.2 million visitations were recorded at regional parks, more than double the 550,000 visits in January 2020. However, as you will read in this issue, the popularity of Metro Vancouver regional parks and greenways has resulted in a greater need for ways to manage increased demand.

Also in this issue, we will share tips and tricks for reducing waste — from clothing, to household clutter, to renovation debris.

You can learn about the problems that inflow and infiltration in the sewer system can cause for residents and businesses, as well as how children can go on a virtual watershed field trip.

We are also seeking your input on a series of discussion papers that will help us achieve Climate 2050 goals of a carbon neutral and resilient region over the next 30 years.

Thank you for reading the Metro Vancouver Update. Together we make our region strong.

Managing Unprecedented Demand in Regional Parks

During the pandemic, local residents have turned to Metro Vancouver’s regional parks as safe outlets for connecting with nature and…

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Metro Vancouver Joins the Canada Plastics Pact to Tackle Plastics Pollution

On January 27, the Canada Plastics Pact launched with more than 40 partners including Metro Vancouver and the National Zero…

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Why You Should Think Thrice Before Making a Fashion Purchase

If you’re getting ready to put away your winter clothes, discard unwanted items, or make new fashion purchases for spring,…

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Climate 2050: Energy, Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Roadmap Discussion Papers

Metro Vancouver is implementing Climate 2050, a long-term strategy to achieve a carbon neutral and resilient region over the next…

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Lulu Island Biogas Facility Showcases New Collaboration Between Metro Vancouver and FortisBC

Metro Vancouver and FortisBC Energy Inc. announced on March 15, 2021 a formal collaboration to work together to achieve regional…

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Keep Waste in its Place this Spring

Spring is here! This marks a time when many residents feel the itch to clean their homes and dispose of…

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The Trouble with Water in our Sewers

Sometimes water gets into sanitary sewer pipes that shouldn’t be there — this is called inflow and infiltration. This includes…

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Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction and Recycling Toolkit

About a third of the 1.3 million tonnes of waste disposed in the region each year comes from the construction…

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Virtual Watershed Field Trip Program Connects Students with Nature

In lieu of regular field trip programming, the Metro Vancouver Watershed Education Program is offering grade 4 and 5 teachers…

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Events & Videos

Learn about best burning practices that will create more heat, less smoke and help you comply with a new regulation…

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When grease goes down the drain, sewer systems can get clogged: regional pipes, municipal pipes, and pump stations. See how…

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The benefits of regional planning are everywhere: in our communities, green spaces, agricultural lands, and industrial lands. The regional growth…

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Improving relationships with Indigenous peoples and First Nation communities is the top priority for Mary-Ann Booth, Chair of Indigenous Relations…

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Think Thrice About Your Clothes: Facebook Live Series

Join us every Wednesday starting March 3 at 12:30pm for a series of interactive Facebook Live events to ask questions…

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